Advantages of Hiring a Photo Booth Service for Your Upcoming Event

From product launches to wedding receptions, photo booths are always been a trend worldwide. They can make every event fun and exciting, and your family as well as your friends will get to remember the event for a lifetime. 

If you are planning to have a photo booth for your upcoming event, but a little confused about its advantages, the following are some of the reasons why you should hire Photo booth rentals for weddings for your upcoming big event: 

  1. Photo Booths are Not Costly

During the past days, photo booths were hired just for celebrity get-togethers and mega events. However, these days, photo booths are currently very popular which people are availing it even for intimate small parties. Depending on the features and length of time will be charged by your hired photo booth company and it’s not going to be that expensive. 

  1. Photo Booths Can Spice Up All Events

Bachelor parties, sweet 16s, wedding receptions and corporate events – photo booths can be availed for all occasions. Thus, you will have a very good reason for the photo booth to any time gather groups of people together. 

  1. Photo Booth Need None of Your Participation

You may hire photo booth for parties for 3 to 5 hours. It takes any given time to set up the photo booth. As a matter of fact, you can just chill at the corner since there is a staff who is in the booth the entire time just to make sure things go smoothly and orderly. 

  1. You Can Personalize Pictures to Match with Your Occasion

You can make your picture strips match the motif of your event. In order to make your occasion more memorable for your family and friends, you can add some designs such as a logo on your photo strips. Through that, you can emphasize your event more to your guests. 

  1. You Can Find a Photo Booth Which Suits Your Taste

Photo booths provide you with so many options. It is actually possible to set up a standard enclosed booth or an open-air booth which can fit at least 6 people or a curtain booth which fits 12 people. You will always have to consider the number of guests in finding or hiring photo booth for your event. 

  1. It is Fun and a Party Favor All in One

Your colleagues and friends can take as many pictures as they want to since all photo booth companies offer unlimited photo strips. In addition to that, scrapbooking supplies are also provided by several photo booth companies. Therefore, you will have a great keepsake all throughout the night. Your friends and family can also order extra print outs after the event as well. 

  1. Choose Funky Props 

All the cheeky props are basically the best part of every photo booth. To get the event rolling, it is basic very standard that the company provides oversized hats, goofy glasses, masks and a lot more. These props will encourage everybody to take fun pictures. 


Frequently Asked Questions You Need to Ask When Choosing a Photo Booth Company

  1. How will I know what package or options to select?

Select a package in line with the number of people that are coming to your event. When you’ve less than one hundred guests coming to your party, you will no longer need the photo booth for higher than 3 hours. If you have 250 guests or more, you should have 2 photo booths for 4 hours or else, people will get to wait for longer period of time just to get their photos clicked. And we all know that no one wants to wait in line. 

  1. How long have your photo booth been in the industry?

You should always consider that the photo booth that you will hire has a tested track record of successful occasions. The photo booth company you hire preferably must have been in the industry for at least one year. 

  1. What do your photo booth props look like?

Even if they’re included in your chosen package for free, this question should also be asked. What you have in your mind and what they provide may not be similar all the time. 

  1. What is included in the rental photo booth package?

The best photo booth rental in Windsor package differs from company to company. However, make sure that your package includes customized headers, guest book, props and hosting which are the standard inclusions. As a matter of fact, you must always ask this upfront since some companies charge additional fees for these supplies. 

  1. How will the booth look like?

Everybody knows how a photo booth looks like. Therefore, you should be wondering why you need to ask this question. There are a lot of kinds of photo booths. In order to make a detailed decision about how good this product is, you need to ask this kind of question. 

  1. What is a Guestbook? What kind do you offer?

A guestbook is a fun feature of every photo booth at any occasion. Even if it is given for free, if it doesn’t meet your expectations, it will not be worth it at the end of the day. 

  1. Will you provide unlimited photo strips?

It would always be wise to define the term unlimited because unlimited for some photo booth companies means two copies for each group. Therefore, if there are four people in one group, only two will avail the photo strips. You do not want your guests to be disappointed. 

  1. Can I customize the photo strips?

Most companies modify photo strips with names and dates. Ask to see what it looks like because you will be giving these photo strips as a remembrance to your friends and family which will be kept by them for life. Therefore, you can request a specimen of what the product will look like. 

  1. Will I avail a copy of every pictures which were taken at my party?

Most photo booth companies give post event pictures but still, you need to confirm on this. So, it’s best that when you’re Renting for corporate parties, make sure to consult a rental service company. 


Reasons to Rent Photo Booths for Any Event

Memories are a great way to look back at your life seeing all the happy times that you had with all the people in your life. Photos are the next best thing to reliving those memories right now since you can’t go back in time to the exact place and time you had fun with your friends. It makes sure that the memories live on forever to make sure you never forget them.  

It is a remembrance that helps you imagine going back into those joyous times. Getting a photobooth for your next party will make sure that all those memories are captured and never forgotten. Here are some of the reasons why photobooths are great for parties: 

  1. Affordable

Getting a photo booth will only cost around three hundred dollars or so depending on the length of time the photobooth will be in use. It is very cheap because it captures the memories and prints them in an instant. Memories are priceless and saving those memories on the images produced from the photobooth is the mere price to pay for a big party.  

Also, they are great for almost any occasion. Be it a wedding, sweet 16, debut, birthday party, or whichever the occasion. Photo booths will always fit into the party and gives guests and celebrants a piece of the party with them even when it is over.  

  1. Hassle-Free

In addition, you do not have to lift a finger when you get these things for the party. The only time you have to lift a finger is to call the photobooth company to tell them where and when to come. It is work free and the hours are flexible. The photobooth company will only come and go when you tell them too. The photobooth gives you less to think about and allows you to focus on the party itself and more important things about the party.  

  1. Complements Your Theme

They also work great as an added decoration to the theme of the party. The photo booth can be customized to the theme of the party and you can customize the format of the photos. It also doubles as entertainment. Guests in your party can gather all their friends and fit them inside the photobooth to engrave the memories of that night in one picture.  

  1. Fancy Props

There are also props that come with the photobooth to spruce up the photos and give the guests something new to try on and give more meaning to the photos. You can also bundle the photobooth with a DJ to save on money for the party. Some photo booth companies offer packages that come with a photobooth and a DJ. This makes it easier for party planning as you kill two birds with one stone.  

Getting good music and a photobooth to capture the fun will surely make your party the talk of the town and a party that will not be forgotten. Truly, photobooths are great for parties and ensures a good time for everyone in the party. If you want to know more benefits about renting a photo booth for your party, make sure to contact