The Connection Between COVID-19 and Drunk Driving 

We could not deny the fact that the pandemic, which is the COVID-19, brings damages, stress, and headaches to every one of us. Having restrictions everywhere and rules to follow; it is stressful and draining to deal with them every day. But we have different ways how to handle stress at this time of the pandemic. Some are visiting their favorite places but still following safety protocols set by the authorities, and some are drinking their favorite alcoholic drinks. Alcoholic drinks can bring calmness and relaxation to our body, especially, when we are tired with our hectic schedules at work and home. However, with the problems financially and economically due to the pandemic, we have come to the point of drinking a lot, which eventually results in drunk driving. Well, you are lucky if the law enforcers will not arrest you due to DUI but when circumstances happened, you are not just putting your safety at risk but also, you are making additional financial problems that will result in too much stress. Imagine facing charges due to drunk driving, and you are still struggling to provide for the needs of your family due to the pandemic, can you still take it? 

But, if any cases that you are facing charges due to DUI, hiring a lawyer that are experts in this field of law is the best thing to do. It is best to hire from DUI lawyers Fort Myers since they are one of the well-known companies that will give you an accurate lawyer in different cases that you are in at this moment. Moreover, they will ensure that every need that you have is well-catered and will make things run smoothly and conveniently! 



With the increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases at this moment; the last thing you should visit at this time of the pandemic is the prison cell. Even though an expert DUI lawyer will make everything to lessen your sentence due to a DUI offense, there are still cases that require jail time. In this manner, you will be living with different people, including the staff, prisoners, and other personnel, and you never knew that one of them had the virus that will eventually acquire it.  

The best thing to do if you have a DUI offense is to hire the best DUI lawyer from our company, especially in this time of the pandemic. There are cases that you will spend 6 months in jail if you have no lawyer to defend and protect you. There are also cases that you will be imprisoned for 1-2 years if you have committed a DUI offense a couple of times. And the worst thing is, you can be charged with homicide by vehicle or felony which is third-degree if you have committed the offense three times or more. 

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